January 2013


Originally written for Cello and Clarinet, this piece was orchestrated as part of my orchestration studies at Berklee.


This work is based on the idea of orchestrating a contrapuntal dialogue using a selection of pitches which gradually changes as the piece develops.

The selection of pitches is made of two hexads, i.e. 2 sets of 6 notes, in no particular order, using all the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale.

The main constrain is that notes from one set are always at an interval of 6 semitones (tritone) with the corresponding one in the other set.

These sets can be seen as 2 different hexatonic modes, which coexist in a selection.

The modulation from one selection to the next is made by swapping one note from one set with the complementar tritone of the other one.

More details in the commentary

Full orchestral score