26 November 2019

Sornai House of Music

I am very happy to announce that I have joined the wonderful staff of music teachers at Sornai House of Music, an Iranian / Persian music school based in West London which offers music tuition for all levels in both Western and Middle-Eastern music.

I am going to teach group and individual classes for both beginners and advanced students. The syllabus for the Oud beginners course covers the basic repertoire and techniques of the main music traditions of the region (Arabic, Turkish, Iraqi, Persian), while the Iraqi Oud course focuses on advanced techniques and repertoire for solo Oud. I am also offering an Afghani Rubab group class as an introduction for beginners to this fabolous instrument and music tradition.

For more information regarding fees and schedule of the courses, please visit the school's website https://www.sornaimusic.com.